Dear valued customers, employees, vendors and to whom it may concern,

The spread of the coronavirus has resulted in challenging times for everyone, personally and in business.

Several states including the State of Ohio have issued “Stay at Home” orders. Now that we have reviewed the Ohio Order asking all nonessential businesses to shut down from March 24th through April 6th, we have determined the following.

After consulting with our customers, vendors, and various suppliers in and out of our supply chain, it was our conclusion, with our industry partners, that B&R Machine Company operations would be considered “essential manufacturing” under the State of Ohio’s various descriptions of essential manufacturing and services.

Our manufactured product is used across our country and worldwide in the medical, food, construction, infrastructure, transportation, military, oil and gas industries.

This means we will be allowed to operate with our intention to safely continue operating during this period. 

We will be continually communicating with our employees to follow the safe distance protocols within our facility to assure our employees’ health and well-being at work and home. We will be limiting physical visits to our plant by customers, suppliers, prospective employees, etc. to only those critical to our operations. We will keep you informed should our status change and would appreciate notification from you if your own operations will be shut down. 

Again, B&R Machine Co. will remain operational during the State of Ohio “Stay at Home” order.

Should the Governor's order be altered, we will make changes accordingly and comply.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and be mindful of others. Take care of your friends and families. 

We will get through this and be all the stronger for it.

 As individuals, as an industry, as a community and as Americans.

Bill Graham, Jr.


B&R Machine Company